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The Slovak Health Spa Piešťany is the best known, largest and the most visited spa town in Slovakia with almost two hundred year spa tradition. The healing effects of the local thermal mineral water and sulphur mud were first described by physicians in the 14th century. It owes its reputation not only thanks to a unique source of thermal mineral water at a temperature of   67-69 ° C, a unique sulfur mud but also to a favorable geographic location. The healing mud is unique not only in the European but also on an intertational scale. It is used for wraps. Thermal water is used for baths as well as drinking cure. In addition, Piestany Spa are perfect for treating health problems but for regeneration, preventive and wellness stays, too.


Valid from from 13.4. 2015



Medical and Wellness Spa Treatments in Health Spa Piešťany


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  • Rheumatic inflammatory disorders
  • Degenerative non-inflammatory rheumatic disorders
  • Neural disorders
  • Spinal disorders
  • Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus
  • Trauma and musculoskeletal operations
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterer disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Obesity


Spa Hotels in Piestany


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Hotel Thermia Palace*****

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Hotel Balnea Splendid***                         Hotel Balnea Grand***  


Infectious diseases, cardio-respiration system failure, acute thrombophlebitis, inflammatory rheumatic diseases in an acute state, tumour diseases with metastasis, acute psychosis, labile diabetes with epetitive acidity, pregnancy, dependency on alcohol or other habitual drugs, urine and faeces ncontinence, states requiring care by a third person, epilepsy with frequent seizures



Spa Piešťany


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11 - 13 June 2015 - Golden Ribbons of Piešťany
Concours d´Elegance - Veteran car show