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ADELI Center

Clinic for intensive neurological rehabilitation

ADELI Medical Center ensures an intensive, individualised and highly effective rehabilitation for all of its patients. The main and the only aim of the programme is to achieve more independence and a higher quality of life. What makes ADELI special – is the high intensity and individuality of the neurorehabilitation. A patient is accompanied through his or her daily treatment programme by five or six therapists, for four to six hours a day, six days a week. What makes ADELI unique – are the rare and highly specialised treatments, some of which originate from space or underwater neurology.

With 200 highly qualified employees, the ADELI Medical Center is one of the leading institutes specialising in neurorehabilitation. The institute is licensed and active in the following fields of medicine: neurology, medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, rheumatology, balneology, clinical speech therapy and intensive medicine.



Rehabilitation for children
Rehabilitation of Infants and Toddlers

ADELI Medical Center is a pioneer when compared at the international level even when treating toddlers and infants. Although a diagnosis is often not yet possible at this age, a developmental delay can already be detected. It is crucially important to make the first step as early as possible. Through special rehabilitation utilising the amazing plasticity of the brain at this age, a severe disability in the future can be avoided or greatly reduced.

Adeli Baby Med program

Two-week early intervention and rehabilitation programme for children from 6 months up to 2 years of age
Team of specialists works with the baby 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week
Based on 10 years of rich experience in working with children with congenital and acquired neurological disorders
Compiled on the basis of the latest research and knowledge of our and international experts and scholars on the development of the brain, nervous and musco-skeletal system

Rehabilitation for children above 2 years

An intensive rehabilitation treatment for children lasts between two to four weeks, based on the diagnosis, condition and degree of disability of each patient. The rehabilitation for the little patients takes place six days a week, and four to five hours per day.

Indications treated in Adeli Medical Center

Cerebral palsy
Spina bifida
Congenital and acquired neurological disorders
Traumatic brain injuries
Conditions after a juvenile stroke
Conditions after oxygen deficiency
Conditions after meningitis and encephalitis


The therapy programme is structured according to the condition of the patient and the therapeutic targets.

Physiotherapy on neurophysiological basis
Occupational therapy
Full body therapeutic massage
Application of heat / cold (cryocontrast therapy)
Fango / parafango or sulphur mud treatment
Manual therapy
Reflex therapy
Magnetic stimulation
Electro-stimulation (BIOPTRON light therapy system
Normobaric oxygen therapy
Magnetic laser therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Speech therapy
EEG-based biofeedback therapy
Electromechanical hippotherapy
Vibration therapy (Galileo 2000)
MFE – Multi-functional exercise unit



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