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There are 5 thermal springs of same chemical properties, but with different water temperature. The water temperature in the different sources varies from 35 to 40°C. Optimal balneologic temperature allows their direct use in balneotherapy without external heating or cooling, which is important for effective treatment. Application sites of this rare healing element are located in Trenčianske Teplice placed above, or in the immediate vicinity of the springs. Thermal healing springs in Trenčianske Teplice in Slovakia act as an analgesic, improve blood circulation in tissues, relieve muscle tension, leading to improved mobility and with overall performance help to improve physical fitness and mental relaxation of tension.

 trencianske teplice sina thermal water treatment

Thermal bath in pool Sina
It is our most favorite pool. With the temperature as high as 39.1°C it is ideal for everyone, who likes hot thermal baths. The pool is a mirror, i.e. the spring ends directly in the pool. During afternoons and weekends it is used together with the historical resting place Hammam.

 natural therapy medical spa trencianske teplice slovakia

The pool of MUDr. Čapek
The pool is ideal for everybody who loves modern baths. The pool, as well as the building, was recently renovated. The temperature of the water in the new renovated pool is pleasant 37,3°C. After a 20 minute bath, you will relax in a poultice and you can also indulge yourself in a massage. After the thermal bath guests relax for 15min. in a full body dry wrap.

 thermal mineral water natural therapy clinic teplice

Tub bath
You can enjoy thermal spas also in the form of a tub bath. They are the ideal choice for all, who don't enjoy shared baths.The temperature in a tub is individual, according to the prescription of the physician. After the thermal bath guests relax for 15min. in a full body dry wrap.

 natural therapy mineral water spa teplice

Bubble bath
Bubble baths are tub baths multiplied by soft bubble massages. The water temperature ranges from 35-40° C (or according to physician's prescription). The baths act relaxing, it is recommended for feelings of total burning, to eliminate stress factors and improve the overall harmonization of the body.

 under water massage trencianske teplice spa slovakia

Underwater jet massage
This 15min. treatment mechanically stimulates the body surface with water jet and combines effects of water temperature with the set pressure of water jet. Effects: overall positive effects for the organism in terms of better tissue blood circulation with calming and analgesic effects (reducing pain). Recommended: for musculoskeletal diseases, for muscle fatigue and feelings of physical exhaustion.


Spa Trenčianske Teplice also utilizes curative peloids: natural sulfur mineralized mud and natural peat. Healing sulphur mud is an excellent heat treatment tool and it is also because of the content of free sulphur, the analgesic effect is applied - good combination for musculoskeletal diseases. Peat, which is used in addition to the spa, has excellent thermal properties and exceptional chemical reactions.

natural healing mud spa treatment trencianske teplice

Mineral mud
A 20min. thermotherapy in the form of partial poultices, which are characterized by good heat retention. Improves blood circulation in tissues, acts as a muscle-relaxant and spasmolytically, reduces pain. It is used in painful chronic musculoskeletal diseases, especially in arthritis.

parafango medical wellness spa treatment trencianske teplice

Parafango packs
The 20min. thermal treatment procedure with applying warm fango mixed with paraffin. Heat transferred to the body improves blood circulation, has analgesic effects and relieves muscle tension. It is suitable for all chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

peat natural spa treatment trencianske teplice spa slovakia

Peat lining
It's a 20min. therapy in the form of warm lining; the result of which is better blood circulation to the tissues, which is increased by the effect of substances (humic acids) contained in the peat.
It is especially suitable for painful back disorders.


Longitudinal waving of physical environment with frequency greater than 20,000 Hz. Vibrations are transmitted to the tissues where in form of longitudinal waves they are spread in depth.
Effects: micro-massages and conversion of mechanical energy into heat occurs with heating of tissues placed in depth, resulting in improved circulation, reduced pain and improved regenerative capacity.

Magneto therapy
For therapeutic purposes, it utilizes biological effects of the magnetic component of electromagnetic fields resulting in increasing of blood circulation and anti-pain, spasmolytic, muscle relaxing and anti-edema effects, and it accelerates the healing process.
Recommended: The most common use is for states after fractures, surgery, for degenerative and inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases as well as for functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

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