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Spa Treatments in Health Spa Piešťany

Diagnostics in Spa Piešťany

doctor examination clinic piestany

Initial medical examination – complex medical examination incorporated into packages of medical spa stays, oriented towards exact needs of guests, prescription of therapeutic plan and prescription of healing treatments.

Initial medical consultation - with doctor is specified only for the confirmation of health indication of the offered relaxation package. In case of health contraindication of some treatment, the doctor prescribes the adequate appropriate set of more considerate treatments.

Medical check-up – assessment of treatment progress by doctor, in case of need for adjustment of prescribed therapeutic treatments. Check-up examination is once a week in case of medical spa stays longer than two weeks. Additional examinations can be arranged individually at surcharge.

Final medical examination – doctors will conduct a final consultation to ensure that the treatments prescribed have gone according to plan. This is also an opportunity for the doctor to give you the necessary medical and lifestyle advice to help continue the improvement in your health once you leave.

thermal mineral natural water treatment spa piestany clinic

Mirror Pool (in Thermia Palace)
This spa treatment takes place in the architectural gem of Health Spa Pietany in the spa house Irma. Hot thermal mineral water is the basis of the natural spa treatment in Piešťany. Especially it is effective to cure chronic inflammatory and degenerative locomotive disorders and during rehabilitation procedures. Also, it helps to relax and ease from stress and negative impacts of a hectic modern life style. The mirror pool treatment lasts for 15-20min. During this time thermal water with temperature of 39°C reduces muscle tensions and join pain. It starts biochemical reaction and curative water particles penetrate through the skin. After the thermal bath guests relax for 15min. in a full body dry wrap.

natural healing sulphuric mud treatment spa

Mud Pool (in Thermia Palace)
Spa treatment in Piešťany is unique to the use of healing sulphur mud. This treatment is not only an effective curative spa treatment method but also an unusual and unforgettable experience for every spa patient and client. Mud pools are created directly above springs of thermal mineral water with natural bed of sulfur mud 10-30cm thick and thermal water 39-40°C hot and even hotter in lower levels of the pool. The heat from the mud and mineral water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles. Moreover, minerals and chemical particles are absorbed through the skin. It is possible standing, sitting or exercising joints gently with joints. Duration of the mud bath is strictly individual between 5-10 min. Mud pool treatment ends up with a shower and relaxation in a full body dry wrap.

thermal mineral bath treatment clinic spa piestany

Individual thermal mineral bath
This spa treatment is administered privately in a single tub with thermal water with temperature
36-38°C. The treatment lasts 20min. and in some spa houses ends with a full body dry wrap.
the heat from the thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. Moreover, the sulfur and minerals from the thermal water are absorbed through the skin.

carbon dioxide treatment mineral water spa piestany

Carbon dioxide thermal bath
This individual thermal bath treatment lasts 20min during which small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas are pumped into the water with temperature 32-34°C. The gas is absorbed into the body through the skin. This strongly congests the skin with carbon dioxide, thereby slowing down heart activity as well as reducing blood pressure and stress on the heart. Also during the treatment the heat from the thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles. Additionally the sulfur and minerals from the thermal water are also absorbed through the skin. The treatment ends up with a full body 15 minute dry wrap

Hydrotherapy in Spa Piešťany

hydromasage medical wellness spa piestany clinic slovakia

This treatment is taken in a hot bath of 35-37 °C and using the currents of whirling water gives a relaxing massage. The effects are improved blood circulation and a release of muscle and joint stiffness. Lasts from 10 to 20 minutes.

underwater massage therapy piestany spa slovakia

Underwater jet massage
The treatment is given in a bath of 35-37 °C. A powerful jet of water is released through a hose under the water and directed manually by the therapist to the main muscle. The aim of this deep massage is to release stiffness in the muscles and connective tissues and to partially release the joints.

under water tractions treatmen clinic piestany

Underwater traction - in thermal or ordinary water
Traction in water uses the weight of the body which is suspended by the neck or below the arms in a special pool of warm thermal (normal) water. During treatment the body is gently stretched out releasing the muscles and stiff spinal connective tissues. The treatment is supervised by a professional therapist and lasts for 15 minutes. Underwater traction in thermal water has the double benefit of the traction and also the healing effects of the minerals and heat from the thermal water.

 thermal mineral water treatment clinic piestany spa

Individual buble bath
The individual bubble bath is similar to the individual thermal bubble bath, however, instead of using thermal water, ordinary water is used that has been heated to a temperature of between 32-34 °C. The treatment lasts from between 10 to 20 minutes during which you lie relaxing as small air bubbles relaxingly caress and coat the skin. The treatment in some spa locations is followed by a full body 15 minute dry wrap.

Healing Packs in Spa Piešťany

natural mud pack therapy piestany

Mud pack
The healing mud in Health Spa Piešťany in Slovakia comes from the sediment from the river Váh by-pass on the site of the hot springs. Saturation of this mud in the thermal waters creates a unique compound inhabited by healing bacteria and sulfur that is has many chemical and biological reactions.The mud is applied either by pump or hand onto the body in a 5 cm layer, with exception to the head and frontal parts of the chest and neck. Its temperature is normally between 40-45 °C. The body is then wrapped up in blankets. After 20 minutes, the mud is hosed off and a 15 minute dry wrap may be conducted. The mud pack results in a reduction of local swellings around the joints, a reduction of muscle tension and better nutrition of the cartilage, connective tissue and spinal discs.

local natural mud pack treatment piestany

Local mud pack
A maximum of four local areas are permitted without a doctor's prescription. The mud pack results in a reduction of local swellings around the joints as well as an easing of muscle tension. It also strengthens anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body, improving the function the cartilage, connective tissues and spinal discs.

paraphango pack healt spa piestany medical wellness

Parafango pack
Parafango is a combination of dry mud, usually used from a local source in spa Piešťany and pure hard paraffin and paraffin oil. The mixture is heated and applied to the problematic area of the body in a layer 1 cm thick, just as it begins to harden at a temperature of between 38-45°C. The local application of the heat between 15-45 min. relaxes the muscles, causing spasm release, easing chronic pain and supports the healing and nutrition of the tissues. It also has sedative and immune biological features.

Electrotherapy in Spa Piešťany

electrotherapy spa piestany galvanic bath

Galvanic bath
Water and a gentle electrical current are the components of this 15min. treatment that is carried out in a bath at a temperature of 34 °C while the electricity is passed through the body. The electric current causes a tranquillizing effect in cases of nerve agitation. This makes the treatment suitable for all aching conditions of the motor organs, in particular degenerative, inflammatory arthritis and joint problems. It also has a positive effect in improving the metabolism of the tissues, the shrinking of oedemas and reducing pain and spasticity.

galvanic bath health spa treatment piestany

Four cell galvanic bath
This 15-30min. treatment is especially beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis. The forearms and lower limbs are placed into water trays of 34 °C. Water and a gentle electrical current are the components of this treatment and the electric current is passed through these particular body parts.

Spa Hotels in Health Spa Piešťany, Slovakia

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